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December 14, 2015 Comments (0) Gear Reviews

Gear Review: Bugling Bull Bully Bull Grunt Tube

Grunt Tube

Growing up chasing turkeys every spring with a mouth diaphragm made my transition to an elk calling relatively simple.  Being comfortable with a mouth diaphragm in your mouth is half the battle, and after several YouTube videos I was making sounds that somewhat resembled an elk.    Even though I could make basic elk noises right out of the gate, it was clear I needed some sort of bugling tube to master the bugle before I headed out west for the first time.  After reading online about several different tubes, I chose to go with the Bugling Bull Bully Bull Grunt Tube.  This seemed to be the overwhelming favorite among serious elk callers and $34 seemed like a fair price.

Quick Facts

Vendor: Rocky Mountain Calls

Price: $34.99

The first thing you will notice when you use this particular grunt tube is its size.  I honestly was slightly worried about how big it was when I first saw it, but after hearing it, it was clear it had to be in my pack.  Although the

volume of space it takes up is slightly larger than ideal, it certainly is not heavy, and can be put in a pack very simply.  I chose to carry mine on the side of my pack with one end in the bottle holder and the top strapped to my pack andhad zero problems.  There is no doubt smaller tubes on the market, but what you give up in size you also give up

Toby Vandenberg- Montana 2015

Toby Vandenberg- Montana 2015

in sound quality.  I compared this tube to both the Primos pack bugle and a real life elk trachea and there was no doubt that the Bully Bull grunt tube sounded the most realistic.

The size of the tube certainly contributes to the realistic sounds the Bully Bull can produce, but the actual plastic is just as important.  The plastic used in the tube is extremely hard which makes the sound resonate perfectly and enables you to reach volumes you just cannot reach with other tubes.  One of the coolest things about this tube is the volume control feature.  As mentioned before, this tube can create extremely loud calls perfect for locating a bull several drainages away, but it also has the ability to create quieter noises for when that big bull approaches.  Twisting the plastic cover at the end of the tube enables you to set the tube to full volume, half volume, and completely closed off for when that bull is really close.  This feature may seem simple but it is extremely effective and enables you to make a wide variety of calls with variable volumes.  As far as a bugling tube goes, I would rate this as good as it gets, and would recommend it to anyone seeking to make extremely realistic elk noises.

Volume: 99%

Price: 80%

Portability: 60%

Sound Quality: 95%

This call can do everything you want and more. You will not find a bugle tube that makes more realistic sounds.

Total Score 95%

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